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Our Miami Dentist Can Relieve Your Pain With a Root Canal

When people want to describe a given experience or activity in the most awful terms possible, they may say that it's "about as pleasant as having a root canal." But root canal therapy is actually much easier and more comfortable for the patient than these people realize, especially in comparison to the agonizing tooth pain it actually relieves -- and the fact that it can save your teeth from extraction is another big point in its favor. Here at Kmart Dental, we're proud to offer advanced root canal therapy techniques and procedures for North Miami Beach residents.

Understanding an Infected Root Canal

The hard enamel you see when you look in the mirror is just the outer shell of your teeth. The inner layers of a tooth consist of another hard substance called dentin encasing an inner space filled with a soft pulp of blood vessels and nerve tissue. If you develop a cavity or break in your enamel, that breach may progress right through the dentin until it reaches the pulp, causing the severe pain of a toothache.

Don't be fooled if the pain seems to go away; it only means that the tooth and its pulp have died, leaving the infection in place. This infection spreads through the pulp chamber all the way down the pulp-filled root canal, where it may produce a serious abscess in the jawbone. From there, the bacteria can migrate to other parts of your body. Painful or not, an infected root canal is therefore a serious threat, not just to your tooth but to your overall health as well.

The Ease and Efficiency of Modern Root Canal Therapy

Fortunately, once the tooth has finished growing and established its own blood supply early in life, it no longer needs the inner pulp that nourished it during its development. Root canal therapy removes the pulp entirely, replacing it with a flexible material known as gutta-percha.

You may be surprised by how just easy this procedure is for the patient. Our dentist, Dr. Steven Aaron, will of course numb the tooth thoroughly so you won't feel pain. The top of the tooth is then opened up to reveal the pulp chamber, with endodontic files and other specialized tools removing the pulp and disinfecting the now-empty chamber. The empty roots are filled with gutta-percha, while the pulp chamber receives another type of filling. A permanent crown, sometimes supported by an interior post, goes on top to seal off and strengthen the tooth. Today, simple root canal treatments are often performed in one session, as opposed to the multiple sessions of days past, allowing for more convenient scheduling and less time in the dentist's chair.

Rescue Your Roots Today -- Call Kmart Dental

If you need to rescue your tooth roots from the discomforts and dangers of infection, don't hesitate to get the care you need. Call Kmart Dental at 305-947-9001 to schedule root canal therapy!

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