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North Miami Beach Teeth Whitening: Brighten Your Smile Today

Is a discolored or dull smile hurting your confidence? Your smile creates an immediate impact on the people that you meet. A bright, white smile radiates youth, vitality, health and confidence. Professional teeth whitening from our North Miami Beach dentist is the fastest, most effective way to brighten your smile. Unlike over-the-counter whitening strips that can irritate the gums and trigger tooth sensitivity, our professional teeth whitening services are safe, effective and fast. In just a short appointment, you’ll have significantly brighter teeth.

Radiate Confidence and Youth with Teeth Whitening

Professional teeth whitening is the best way to remove tough external stains caused by tobacco products, red wine, coffee, tea, sodas and other foods or drinks. Under the supervision of our North Miami Beach dentist, our in-office whitening services utilize a powerful bleaching agent that is safely applied only to the teeth. This prevents the gum irritation that is associated with over-the-counter products while also protecting the tooth enamel from damage. Most importantly, because of our bleaching agent’s high strength, we can lighten teeth by up to 10 shades in just one hour. Should you have any concerns during the bleaching process, our dentist is available to answer your questions and address problems as they arise.

While over-the-counter whitening kits may seem convenient, these kits have a very weak active bleaching agent. Consequently, it can take several weeks of daily use to even slightly lighten teeth. And since over-the-counter kits are a much weaker strength, these kits are typically unable to remove tough tobacco, wine or coffee/tea stains. Consequently, some individuals may actually end up with “spotted” teeth that have a lighter base color thanks to the whitening, but still have the dark stain on the tooth. This can make the stains look even worse, and further hurt a patient’s self-esteem and confidence.

Another concern with over-the-counter whitening kits is that these kits rely on one-size-fits-all whitening strips. The strips frequently overlap with the gum line, causing irritation. This can also trigger increased tooth sensitivity. And since patients must wear the strips typically for at least 10 days, this repeated exposure to bleaching agents can even temporarily “bleach” the gum line. Whitening strips may be inexpensive, but patients are typically dissatisfied with the results.

If you need whiter, brighter teeth for an upcoming event such as a wedding, graduation or birthday celebration, then professional teeth whitening is the best investment that you can make. With professional teeth whitening, you get properly fit mouth trays for maximum effectiveness. Our dentist-supervised systems are comfortable and efficient. They are even safe for patients that already have sensitive teeth concerns. If you have sensitive teeth, we recommend scheduling a diagnostic appointment with our North Miami Beach dentist. We will discuss your different treatment whitening options and what is right for your needs.

Don’t let a yellowed or discolored smile hurt your chances for career success and personal happiness. Smile brighter with professional teeth whitening from our North Miami Beach dentist!

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