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Preventative Dental Care at Kmart Dental

Even with the modern innovations and techniques that make dental disease treatment easier and more effective than ever, you can probably think of other things you'd rather do than undergo year after year of fillings, root canals and other procedures. At the same time, you want to make sure you're doing the right things to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Preventative dental care is by far the simplest and most sensible strategy to maintain your oral wellness -- and we're happy to provide that care here at Kmart Dental.

Why Regular Checkups and Cleanings Matter

Going to the dentist only when you're already experiencing severe pain or other dental problems is a surefire way to obtain those problems in the first place. That's because many dental issues can develop slowly and subtly, getting progressively worse the longer they're left unchecked. One of the most common and damaging examples is periodontal disease, which afflicts an estimated on-half of all Americans. This problem occurs when plaque hardens into a hard-to-remove substance known as tartar,not just on the visible tooth surfaces but also beneath the gum line. Bacteria that feed on the tartar trigger immune responses that produce chronic inflammation of the gum tissues -- eventually resulting in pain, tooth loss and possibly even bacterial migration to other parts of the body. Oral cancer is another serious danger that can grow rapidly without your knowledge.

Our Miami dentist, Dr. Steven Aaron, recommends twice-yearly dental exams for most healthy individuals to detct these issues and deal with them before they get out of hand. A detailed evaluation using visual inspection, specialized tools and X-rays can pinpoint any signs of tooth or gum infections, oral cancer, cracked teeth, cavities and other problems. This enables us to administer immediate treatment to stop that problem in its tracks. We can also perform a deep tooth cleaning during the same visit, scraping away even the most stubborn tartar to ward off periodontal disease. Since the state of your oral health appears to be associated with your risks for a variety of ailments, including heart attack and stroke, you'll be doing your entire body a big favor by scheduling this procedure.

A Healthy Mouth Begins at Home

Of course you want a healthy mouth more than twice a year, and that's where a smart home preventative dental care routine comes in. We can instruct your entire family, including your little ones, on proper techniques for brushing and flossing, which foods are good (or not so good) for your dental health, and other healthy lifestyle changes you can employ to reinforce your long-term oral wellness. 

Contact Our Miami Dental Clinic to Schedule Preventative Care

A little time in the dentist's chair now could spare you a lot more time in the dentist's chair later. Make the healthy choice for your entire family by calling our Miami clinic at 305-947-9001 to schedule the necessary preventative care!

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