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North Miami Beach Family Dentist Keeps Your Family Smiling Brightly

Family Dentist in North Miami Beach

Selecting a skilled, experienced family dentist is just as important to you and your loved ones as having the right family doctor. That's why you should consider making Kmart Dental your choice for family dentistry. Our Miami dentist, Dr. Aaron, can work with patients of all ages, not only as a practitioner but also as a trusted advisor for a lifetime of better dental health.

Dental Health and Wellness for All Ages

Dental care ideally begins in early childhood. Our dentist can monitor the development your child's baby teeth as they give way to permanent teeth to make sure all is proceeding normally. Regular dental checkups are critical even at this young age, not only to check for and treat dental problems but also get your child accustomed to visiting the dentist. Many children are understandably confused or agitated by the idea of a dental visit, but we can advise you on ways to reassure your child -- including letting the child watch your own dental checkup. Home dental hygiene and education are important too. Our Miami dentist can show your child the correct brushing and flossing methods and teach them how to eat for their dental health. We even distribute free toothbrushes and flossing supplies to get them started!

Adults need the same level of dental scrutiny, especially as the teeth start to age and risk for diseases such as oral cancer and periodontal disease escalate. We can evaluate your teeth, gums and oral cavity twice a year to look for these and other problems, recommending treatments or dietary/lifestyle changes as needed to hep you maintain your oral health. (For example, giving up smoking can dramatically reduce your risk for oral cancer.) Adolescents and adults alike may also benefit from the cosmetic dental options available at Kmart Dental. For instance, we can straighten crooked teeth through such state-of-the-art products as Invisalign "invisible braces."

Seniors may require special dental assistance if they have cracked or sensitive teeth, a chronically dry mouth (which can hasten tooth decay), lost fillings or even gaps where teeth used to be. We can recommend special toothpastes or alter your brushing technique to slow the progress of tooth sensitivity, make any needed repairs to the teeth and provide various tooth replacement options, from partial or full dentures to bridges. If your jawbone density is at a healthy level, we can also fit your with dental implants. These surgical implants literally fuse to the jawbone, providing you with realistic-looking "teeth" that work just as well as the genuine article.

We Want to Be Your Family Dental Resource

Kmart Dental cares about your entire family's dental health, comfort and wellness, and we want to be there for all your loved ones' dental needs. If you're looking for that level of service, call 305-947-9001 to schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Aaron. Our family can't wait to to meet your family!

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