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Cosmetic Dentistry FAQ

Our Cosmetic Dentistry Dentist Helps Brighten Smiles

Cosmetic Dentistry FAQDr. Steven Aron, our dentist is committed to making your smile shine. While Dr. Aron strives to provide generalized wellness dental to the North Miami Beach area, he also helps you preserve and enhance your smile with several cosmetic dental services. These services include veneers, tooth implants, bridges, tooth whitening, tooth colored fillings and complete smile makeovers.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Our Cosmetic Dentistry Dentist

1. How will I know what cosmetic dentistry procedures are the best options for me?

Because everyone's dental needs are different, Dr. Aron will help determine what procedures your smile will benefit most from after an exam and discussion of your goals.

2. Why should I see a trained cosmetic dentist?

Our cosmetic dentistry dentist, Dr. Aron is experienced at not only helping with purely aesthetic aspects of your smile, but also can help with broken or missing teeth to help complete your smile.

3. Will my insurance cover cosmetic dentistry services?

Insurance coverage for cosmetic dental services varies on a patient by patient basis. Please call our office to discover if your insurance may cover yours.

4. What is a complete smile makeover?

Complete smile makeovers include a variety of cosmetic dental procedures. This may include a combination of dental veneers, bonding, teeth whitening and tooth implants. Our experienced dentist will help determine which combination of procedures is most ideal to makeover your smile.

5. Am I a good candidate for tooth whitening?

If you are in good dental health, good overall health, suffer from slightly discolored yellowing teeth and determined to improve the look of your smile for aesthetic purposes, you are likely an ideal candidate for this procedure.

6. Will I experience any side effects following teeth whitening procedures?

This safe and effective procedure is not associated with any typical negative side effects. Just following treatment you may find that you are more sensitive to hot and cold beverages, if you have whitened your teeth at home, possible spots on the teeth surface or nighttime whitening trays may cause gum sensitivity

7. Do cosmetic dental procedures take forever?

While all cosmetic dental procedures vary in the time that they take, some may only take one visit with us. Our cosmetic dentistry dentist will help make this determination after your initial appointment and exam.

8. Will I need follow-up appointments or are cosmetic results permanent?

Like anything else, cosmetic dentistry may need "tuning up" from time to time. For instance, if you drink coffee, tea or are a smoker, you may need to come more frequently to us for certain procedures.

9. Can cosmetic dentistry help close the gap between my two front teeth?

Dr. Aron will determine if it will respond better to orthodontics or cosmetic dentistry. The gap you experience may able to be corrected with porcelain veneers or dental bonding.

We look forward to helping make your smile shine at a visit soon to us!

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