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Kmartdental.com Braces Dental FAQ

How long do you have to have braces on for?

This depends on what sort of treatment you need. Your braces dental specialist can give you an estimate based on your specific needs. In general, most of our patients wear braces for 18 to 24 months. Patients can have their braces for a little as 9 months, or as long as 5 years, however.

Will braces hurt?

Braces can feel a little bit uncomfortable when they are first put on, and after a braces dental visit. However, they should not be very painful or hurt for long periods of time. In most cases, you can alleviate the pain with over-the-counter pain medications, such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen.

Will I talk differently with braces dental on?

Generally speaking, you will not talk differently with braces dental on. In some cases, your orthodontist will use a device that affects your tongue's position within your mouth. This can affect your speech for a couple of days, until your tongue adjusts. Then, you'll be able to talk normally again.

Can I still play sports if I have braces?

Sports like baseball, basketball, soccer, skiing, field hockey, volleyball, or football are absolutely fine to play when you have braces on. Your Kmartdental.com orthodontist may advise you to wear a mouthguard to protect your teeth (and your braces) from impact. You can find a wide selection of mouthguards available at your local sporting goods store.

If you play martial arts, boxing, or wrestling, your orthodontist may advise you to take special precautions so that you do not get hit in the mouth. If you play one or more sports, talk to your Kmartdental.com orthodontist about the sports you play, and your position on the team. This way, you can receive recommendations that are specific to your sport.

Can I still eat with braces?

Yes, you can still eat all of the foods that you love with braces. When you first get your braces on, your mouth will be sore for approximately a week. During this time, your Kmartdental.com orthodontist will probably suggest that you eat softer foods than normal. This can prevent dental pain. After the first week, you can return to eating all of the foods that you would otherwise eat.

Can I chew gum when I have braces on?
The sugar in gum can cause cavities while you have your braces on. In some cases, gum can weaken the glue on your braces and actually pull them off. For these reasons, our orthodontists do not recommend that you chew gum with your braces on. If you are a regular gum chewer, talk to your orthodontist about this to make sure that you do not cause damage to your braces.

Can my braces fall off?

Your braces can come off. If this happens, make an appointment with your orthodontist to have the braces re-attached. You'll want to do this right away, as your teeth can shift without braces on.

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