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Orthodontics Treatments Correct Bite Problems for a Perfect Smile

If your smile is less-than-perfect due to crooked teeth or an overbite, our Miami orthodontist is specially trained to correct these problems with braces or other orthodontic appliances. Our Miami orthodontics treatments straighten teeth, correct jaw misalignment and fix bite problems. Not only will these treatments improve self-esteem, but they also reduce the risk for future oral health problems, such as gum disease. Our Miami orthodontist will ensure that your teeth, upper and lower jaw, gums and facial muscles all work in harmony for an optimal bite and an attractive smile.

Miami Orthodontist Specially Trained to Correct Bite Problems and Straighten Teeth

In order to diagnose and correct bite irregularities, our Miami orthodontist has completed special training, including two additional years of education beyond dental school. Since bite irregularities can be incredibly complex, these problems require specialized knowledge to treat. In addition to his training as a dentist, our orthodontist has completed extended education to understand exactly how the jaws, teeth and facial muscles work together. This education ensures our orthodontist understands the best way to help your jaws, teeth and facial muscles operate together in harmony so you can bite, chew and even speak more comfortably.

If your family has a history of orthodontics problems, your children may benefit from early intervention. The American Academy of Orthodontics recommends an orthodontic screening for children starting at the age of seven, should a family history of orthodontic problems exist. In most cases, a family orthodontist will monitor a child’s jaw structure and adult tooth development; if and when a child may benefit from orthodontics care, the dentist will make a recommendation. Children typically begin receiving orthodontics care as they enter their pre-teen and early-teen years.

If you are an adult and need professional care to straighten crooked teeth or correct a bite problem, there are effective alternatives to traditional metal braces. Many adults, understandably, are embarrassed at the idea of wearing metal braces and worry that doing so could negatively impact their professional and personal lives. Our Miami orthodontist understands these concerns; that’s why we offer popular braces alternatives, including Invisalign, for our valued patients.

Our Miami orthodontist is happy to answer any questions you may have about you different treatment options. A full diagnostic evaluation is a great opportunity to learn more about alternatives to braces, such as Invisalign, and find out if you are a good candidate for these treatments. The right orthodontics treatment can make a big difference not only for your smile, but also for your oral health by reducing the risk for gum disease. Orthodontics care is a smart investment in your personal well-being and professional success!

In order to better accommodate our patients’ busy schedules, our general dentistry services and orthodontics services are available 7 days a week, including in the evenings. To learn more about our Miami orthodontics treatments, or to schedule a diagnostic appointment our orthodontist, please call 305-947-9001.

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