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Posted on 08-02-2017

Why Dental Checkups Should Be a Family Affair

Everyone deserves healthy teeth and a winning smile. That's why Kmart Dental in North Miami Beach exists, to help you maintain your dental health throughout your entire life, from childhood to your golden years. A family dentistry practice, like ours, makes it easy to keep the whole family smiling and feeling terrific.

Family enjoying their healthy teeth.

Dental Health Supports Overall Health

Dental health and overall health are strongly connected--it's hard to have one without the other. Neglected or painful teeth prevent you from eating, properly chewing and digesting healthy food. If your teeth hurt, due to lack of dental care (or if you are missing permanent teeth), you may avoid eating. At the very least, you won't enjoy eating and you may avoid fiber-rich or harder-to-chew foods.

Consider this: Eating only soft foods due to tooth pain can affect your digestive system and it could deprive you of healthy nutrients from fresh vegetables and nuts. In addition, lack of regular dental care can also lead to gum disease, which has been shown to spread, affecting the whole body. Bacteria from gum disease (if left untreated) could travel through the blood stream and damage vital organs.

Family Dental Care Saves You Time

Family dentistry makes it much easier to avoid dental and physical health problems because we are convenient and trained to provide expert dental care to all ages. The whole family can come to one convenient place to get their dental care. So you never have to sacrifice your dental health, in favor of taking your kids to the dentist. A family dentist can take care of dental needs for everyone.

We Offer Comprehensive, Single-Location Dental Care for All

Our dentists are skilled in the prevention of dental and gum disease, early detection of dental problems and we offer the latest, most effective dental treatments. Ideally, you should start bringing your child to the dentist as an infant, to ensure his or her teeth develop properly. When you, your children, teens, young adults or senior family members need full-service, compassionate dental care, see our dentists. 

Get the Best Dental Care at Our Local Family Dentist in North Miami Beach

When you need general dentistry (and/or orthodontist care) for your whole family, trust your North Miami Beach dentists at Kmart Dental. Dr. Steven Aaron and his associates at Kmart Dental provide a convenient, comfortable and caring "one-stop shop" for all your family’s dental needs and orthodontia. We help you preserve your dental health for life. Contact Kmart Dental at 305-947-9001 today!

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