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Posted on 01-17-2017

Why Would You Need a Root Canal?

Neglecting to get a cavity filled or allowing a tooth to decay without dental treatment encourages bacterial infection of the tooth's pulp. Comprised of tissue, capillaries and nerves, dental pulp keeps a tooth "alive" and functioning normally. Teeth with pulp infections present symptoms such as pain when pressure is applied to the tooth, swelling of the gums around the tooth, discoloration or darkening of dental enamel and development of abscesses. To save the tooth from falling out due to decay or having it extracted, your dentist may recommend a root canal to preserve the tooth.

Saving a Tooth with a Root Canal vs. Extraction

Whenever possible, your dentist will always try to save an infected tooth with a root canal. The loss of a tooth not only promotes positional shifting of nearby tooth but also expedites gum shrinkage and possible loss of jaw bone density. Although a dental implant can replace a missing tooth, they are time-consuming and may take as long as five months to complete due to waiting for bone to fuse with the dental implant screw. Alternately, root canals will not disrupt health or functioning of your jawbone, gums or other teeth.

How Do I Know a Root Canal Will Save My Tooth?

If your have a tooth suffering signs of infection, make an appointment with your Kmart dentist to have the tooth examined before pulp infection causes further decay or your tooth falls out naturally. Root canal (endodontic) treatment today is virtually painless and completed in less than an hour using advanced endodontic tools. After thoroughly numbing the infected tooth and surrounding gums, your dentist will remove the infected pulp, clean out the empty pulp chamber and fill the chamber with gutta percha, a rubbery material resembling dental pulp. Finally, your restored tooth is covered with a dental crown to protect and strengthen the tooth.

Don't delay seeing your Kmart dentist if you have dental pain and swelling. You might be able to save your tooth with a simple root canal procedure. Call today to make an appointment at Kmart Dental: 305-947-9001.

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